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Hi, I'm Brittany.  I'm currently living in Eastern Washington State, working as a part time artist.  I'm a full time mom to five great kids + one spoiled Italian greyhound. 

Many paintings on this site are available for sale.  Please email for prices and availability.  Small paintings are listed in my ETSY shop. Thank you for supporting working art moms!

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I graduated from Brigham Young University in 2003 earning degrees in Painting and Art Education.   I have shown my artwork in dozens of galleries, shows, competitions, and venues across Utah, Idaho, and Washington States.  I taught art for 9 years, and am now "retired" to painting when I can squeeze it in.  I work in many mediums!  How can you pick just one? My recent passions are portraits in oil and watercolors in my travel sketchbook.

Artist Statement


I love capturing inspiring moments and finding order in utter chaos.  As a busy mother of five children, entropy seems to rule most of the time.  Art pushes me to step back and take a different look at my life.  It helps me appreciate the beauties all around me.  I’m deeply inspired by the changing of the seasons, unusual lighting and soul-moving color combinations.  

I love painting on location outdoors and experiencing the beauties of God’s creations first hand.  In the colder months I often take to still-life and portraits.  

My ETSY Shop

Sorry, my shop is closed for the summer.  Please email me if you are interested in a painting you see here.

Brittany Lane Allen at ETSY

My Furry Muse, Enzo the Grey